Biography and responses
Sculptor Galina Dulkina

Galina Dulkina (1981), Stroganov Art School ceramics department graduate, 2004.
2005 - practice at the Emperor Porcelain plant under tutorship of renowned porcelain painters G.Shouliak and M.Sorokin.

Member of Union of Russian Artists and Creative Union of Russian Artists. Creative Union of Russian Artist gold medal (2010).

Personal exhibitions: Central House of Artists (2011), (2012), Burganov's House Museum (2012), (2013), Jewish museum & Tolerance Center (2016), Galerie KABINETT (Berlin, 2017), Galerie "Elysium" (Vilnius, 2018), Burganov's House Museum (Moscow, 2018), The Marc Chagall Museum (Vitebsk, 2019).

Galina works in her own studio. She deals with different forms and moulds, glazings, paintings, burnings (stove Nabertherm), gildings and other technological processes.
French porcelain mass (Limoges) is used for sculpting. KPM, Villeroy & Boch, Rosenthal plates and German paints are used for plate painting.

All painting works made in one unique copy. No painted sculpture or plate is repetitive.

Georgy Putnikov, a renowned art connoisseur, a member of the Antiquity Experts and Art Dealers International Confederation Board happened to be the first serious collector to pay attention to the sculptor's works.

Presently Galina's works may be found in private collections of Marina and Boris Molchanov, Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Yuri Temirkanov, Konstantin Ernst, Pavel Teplukhin, AVC Charity Foundation, Maurice Barush, Boris Friedman, Natalia Opaleva, Valentin Doronichev, Andrey Cheglakov and other distinguished art connoisseurs.


Modern art in my collection is presented by post-suprematist porcelain works manufactured by Galina Dulkin, a young and talented sculptor.
Pavel Teplukhin, Chief Country Officer Deutsche Bank Russia

Galina Dulkina sculptures look like a manifesto. Their composition is an endless movement. They are easily recognizable at any exposition or interior. The joy of recognition always keeps you stunned in view of new challenges and ideas brought forth by Galina's works.
М. Burganova, Doctor of Arts, professor, the RF merited artist.

My collection contains Galina's eight works. I observe her porcelain sculpture progress with scrutiny and have no doubts in success of a talented sculptor.
Georgy Putnikov member of the Antiquity Experts and Art Dealers International Confederation Board.

I acquainted with Galina's works in 2004. They attracted me by their profoundness and made me look at her talented achievements with great interest.
N. Bogdanova, Russian Academy of Arts, corresponding member, people's artist of Russia

The young artist's self-expression through quest for new complicated and brave forms seemed to me extremely interesting and promising. I was pleased to complement my small collection of porcelain modern sculptors with Galina's five works.
Maurice Barush, Gallery Popoff & Cie, Paris

Galina Dulkina's perception of multifaceted world of cosmos is highly original. Her abstract porcelain compositions hint at her desire to find harmony in endless space of the Universe, to hear "flight of planets", to get "a first-rate ticket" to the unknown world, inspired by Muse of artistic endeavors.
M.Marov, Academician, Russian academy of Science

Galina's creativity is in its prime and promises new successes to make her fans even more happy.
А. Ermolov, professor, Moscow chief surgeon

My office is decorated with two magnificent works by Galina Dulkina, a brilliant sculptor.
А. Maschan, doctor of medicine, professor